Uncanny Taylor Swift lookalike goes viral on TikTok

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Fans can’t shake it off: This influencer looks uncannily like Taylor Swift. 

A TikTok user named Ashley — who uses the handle @traumarn13 — has gone viral for her extreme likeness to the 31-year-old pop star. 

Even the social media star’s own daughter was fooled by the resemblance.

“She was scrolling through Netflix and saw Miss Americana and yelled ‘Daddy! Is that mommy on TV?!” Ashley captioned one video of her and her daughter. 

T. Swift’s doppelgänger recently achieved a new level of virality when she posted a clip of her old-school laundry routine, involving not a washing machine or dryer, but a bathtub and a bottle of Tide.

“I do not recommend doing 3 loads in one day. Rinse repeat. I am done,” Ashley captioned the brief video of her bopping into her bathroom to Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More.” The clip has racked up over 224,000 likes and more than 2.3 million views.

She was scrolling through Netflix and saw Miss Americana and yelled “Daddy! Is that mommy on TV?!” 👀 #taylorswift #missamericana

The clip caused confusion among fans who, without checking Ashley’s handle, believed her to be the real “You Need to Calm Down” singer and became convinced the celebrity did her laundry in the bathtub. It garnered many stunned reactions, including “I watched so many times bc this is obviously Taylor swift right” and “no this is taylor you can’t convince me otherwise.”  

“When millions of people think Taylor Swift does her laundry in her bathtub & don’t even think to read the screen name,” Ashley wrote over a follow-up video hashtagged #swiftlife. 

Thank you for all the tags in the article this morning 🌹💋❤️‍🩹. I love you all so much you can’t believe. #enews #taylorswift #swiftlife

Social media’s reach has revealed countless famous entertainer lookalikes, including a recent Jennifer Aniston doppelgänger, who one impressed fan declared looks “more like Rachel than Rachel does.” 

Amy Schumer, meanwhile, had a twin contender spotted in real time at a Tennessee truck stop last month. Meanwhile, a Prince Harry lookalike in Malton, UK, said he constantly gets stopped by people who think he’s royalty.   

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, however, is apparently still searching for a clone. 

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