Unemployed dad lands a job after putting his CV on a lorry

An innovative dad who was made redundant during the pandemic has bagged himself a new job by putting his CV on the back of a lorry.

James Pemblington, 33, lost his job of five years as a technical project and event manager at Alton Towers after theme parks were forced to shut in March.

James, who has a seven-year-old son and a three-year-old son, suffered months of rejection so, he had to think outside the box.

First of all, he bought some edible CVs and sent them to potential employers. But he didn’t get any nibbles.

So, James knew he would have to go bigger. He decided to showcase his CV on the back of an 18-tonne lorry – and it worked.

James, from Annesley, Notts., is now a site manager at a Covid-testing centre.

‘Within 48 hours of the truck going live – I had a call from a hiring manager,’ says James.

‘He said he loves everything I’ve done and would love to offer me a position. I felt like the weight had been taken off my shoulders.

‘I celebrated by having an early night as I had spent many months staying up late to apply for jobs.

‘I was very productive and went above and beyond to make sure I was seen by employers.’

James was on furlough until 14th August – he hoped to walk straight into a job, but sadly with so many people out of work, the market had become extremely competitive.

Before putting his CV on a lorry, James spent £120 on brownies with his details printed on them and sent them to companies he would like to work with.

He also ‘spammed’ Linkedin daily to ensure he was spotted.

‘I thought it would be easier to get a job but I think working in a theme park held me back,’ he says.

‘I don’t think recruiters could see how I would fit into a different role despite having customer service skills and previously managing a team.

‘After months of rejection, I decided to send out some edible CVS.

‘I had 15 brownies made with a QR code which would take the employer to my website.

‘My website includes a video version of my CV and photos to illustrate previous projects I had worked on.

‘I didn’t get a job but I did receive feedback – all of which was very positive.’

James started his new role on the 1st November, but he admits the lorry only worked after he posted pictures online.

‘The employer didn’t drive past the lorry and call me,’ he explains. ‘He saw the brownies and lorry on Linkedin.

‘You couldn’t log on without seeing my face which prompted him to call me.

‘It is so nice to be able to do something that is relevant to what is happening in the world.’

James says he is now bringing his theme park enthusiasm to the Covid testing centre.

‘I’m not making lights and smoke work on big rides any more, but I’m still making sure people who are getting tested feel at ease during these tough times,’ he says.

‘I am mainly in the office but sometimes I am on site. My main priority is making sure everyone is safe and those are getting tested are not distressed when they come.’

James is sharing his story to inspire others who may have lose their jobs during the pandemic.

‘I was initially put on furlough for one month before receiving the dreaded call,’ he says. ‘It was difficult for me as I really enjoyed my job and it didn’t even feel like work.

‘But I decided to ramp up the job hunt and treated it like a job itself. I would apply from 9 am until 5 pm daily, but didn’t have much luck.

‘That’s when I had a lightbulb moment and let me creative side take control.

‘I am lucky because I am very positive.

‘When everything going wrong – I am always looking on the bright side which massively helped as the job hunt was never-ending.’

You have to admire that tenacity.

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