Unopened Super Mario Brothers Game Breaks Record With $2 Million Sale

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re holding on to something valuable, or second-guessed some of the items you’ve been hoarding for a while, this story is one that you won’t want to miss. It turns out that one very special unopened Super Mario game has just shattered records by selling for $2 million. The gaming world is forever changed.  This astounding sale price has just raised the bar in the world of gaming collectibles, and is making collectors think twice about what they’d like to hold on to vs. what sort of profit margins they can expect by auctioning off their items. According to The New York Times, this particular sale was made on a platform called Rally, and all eyes are on this sale out of sheer interest over how an unopened game can make someone an instant multi-millionaire.

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Gamers around the world are well aware of the legendary status that the Super Mario Bros. have in the gaming industry. Super Mario is highly regarded as being among the world leaders when it comes to gaming history and the evolution of gaming technology.

However, nobody predicted that an unopened original game could inspire someone to shell out $2 million.

This particular, ground-breaking sale was made on Rally, which takes a very unique approach when it comes to the sale of their items. The New York Times reports that Rally “buys physical collectibles, like comic books and cars, and invites people to invest in shares of the individual items as they would a stock. When someone makes an offer to buy one of the items outright, Rally takes that offer to the investors, who vote on whether to sell and cash out their share of the profits, or to decline.”

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This particular Super Mario Bros. game was posted for $140,000 in April 2020, and was immediately offered $300,000 last year, but the investors declined the sale offer and stood firm on holding the game. That all changed when a $2 million offer came through the pipes from an anonymous buyer. Three fourths of the investors in this group were in agreement that the $2 million sale price was more than sufficient to motivate them to let the item go.

To put the price of this sale in perspective, The Verge reports that the most recent record-shattering sale was made in April of 2021, “when a copy of Super Mario Bros. went for $660,000 at auction.”

Clearly, this $2 million offer blows the previous sale out of the water, and sets the bar high for future auctions in the world of gaming.

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