Viewers in tears over ‘adorable’ John Lewis Christmas advert with dragon called Edgar – The Sun

VIEWERS have been brought to tears over John Lewis' "adorable" Christmas advert that features a dragon called Edgar.

The festive advert, which was released today, tells the story of Excitable Edgar who loves Christmas but nearly ruins it with his fiery breath.

Every time he gets excited, he breathes fire into the medieval-style village causing comical catastrophes.

A snowman is reduced to a puddle and ice-skating is ruined when he accidentally melts the ice-rink.

Then the annual unveiling of the village Christmas tree ends in disaster and once again Edgar is to blame.

Worried he will ruin the Christmas festivities even further, Edgar runs home and slams the door shut.

But his best friend Ava – played by 10-year-old Ruby Dailly – dreams up a way for him to be involved and actually help.

She hands him a Christmas pudding so he can play a unique role in the village feast – lighting it in his own special way.

The ad ends with the strapline “Show them how much you care.”

And viewers have been praising the sweet message in the advert on social media.

One user wrote to John Lewis on Twitter: "Stood waiting for the bus in tears. That was AMAZING!!! What a fab advert this year – the best yet."

While another added: "Wow @jlandpartners @waitrose you have done it again fantastic advert sat crying here. Well done."

And a third one said: "The John Lewis Christmas ad is just adorable, though I think it’s obvious that I’d love anything with a dragon in it."

But not everyone's convinced and some viewers slammed the "disappointing" ad on social media.

One user tweeted this morning: "Disappointed. Clearly aimed at selling lots of Edgar toys."

While another said: "I don’t get the John Lewis ad. What does a dragon have to do with Christmas?

"It’s 2/5 for me, only saving grace was the Bastille cover of REO Speedwagon."


The John Lewis Christmas ad is widely considered the major advertising event of the year – and signals that the run up to the festive season has begun.

It launched on the retailer’s social media channels at 7am today – and you can also watch it on The Sun’s website above.

For the first time ever, John Lewis has partnered up with Waitrose for the ad.

If you're keen to snap up merchandise, you'll be pleased to know that there is a £15 Edgar cuddly toy, a £9.99 story book and a £8 Christmas pudding in both retailers.

John Lewis will also sell children's pjs, wellies and slippers.

While Waitrose is stocking Edgar cupcakes, chocolates and gingerbread biscuits.

It is the 13th John Lewis advert Christmas ad, last year's advert The Boy and the Piano saw the life and career of musical legend Elton John.

It is a return to John Lewis featuring an adorable animated animal or figure, as previously it has created Moz the Monster, Buster the Boxer and Monty the Penguin.

The first-ever John Lewis Christmas advert was released in 2007 and was called "shadow".

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