Wales is the UK's bisexual capital but how does your region rate in The Sun's survey of our sexual desires

WALES is the bisexual capital of the UK, a Sun survey reveals.

Eight per cent of people there admitted to being sexually attracted to men and women.

Other buzzing places are London, East Anglia and the North West, where 49 per cent have used a sex toy.

The South West is home to the most love rats, with 28 per cent of residents admitting having affairs.

The raunchy revelations came after The Sun polled 2,000 adults on their sexual desires and lives in — and out of — the bedroom.

Northern Ireland was crowned the randiest region, as nearly 40 per cent have indulged in a threesome and people typically have 21 notches on their bedpost.



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But more than a quarter of Scots revealed they are not getting any sex. Ten per cent also confessed to never having an orgasm and six per cent said they did not know if they had climaxed.

The East Midlands is the most love-filled area of the UK, while the North West has the most singletons.

Sexpert Annabelle Knight said: “There could be something in the water or  people could be exploring their sexual desires as they’re no longer frowned upon.”


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