Wendy Williams Thinks 50 Cent’s Trolling Is ‘Completely Disrespectful’ Amid Feud With Kevin Sr.

Amid Wendy Williams’ feud with her estranged husband Kevin Hunter, 50 Cent has been relentlessly trolling her on social media and she is completely over his shade towards her personal life.

Wendy Williams and 50 Cent‘s feud has been a long one, and he is absolutely living for her personal issues including living in a sober house and getting a divorce from husband Kevin Hunter Sr. He even took Kevin’s side recently when he called Wendy “lazy” for not wanting to leave the house to attend red carpets and other events after she claimed he kept her “cooped up only to be a show pony,” hitting the daytime talk show host  with some serious trolling. The 54-year-old thinks that him coming at her during a time of personal crisis is “disrespectful”

“Wendy doesn’t have any plans on addressing 50 Cent’s trolling antics and thinks him throwing shade at a time like this is completely disrespectful. She doesn’t have the time or even want to bother with somebody who takes a dig at her especially while she’s going through so much in her own life,” a source close to Wendy tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“Wendy fully understands that she is fair game for people and the media to talk about because she has made a career of dishing on others, but that doesn’t mean it bothers her any less,” our insider adds. She’s put Fiddy, 42, on blast many times during her Hot Topics segment on her show for things in his personal life, which has helped create the epic feud between the two. Now whenever something bad happens to Wendy, 50 — real name Curtis Jackson III — is ready to pounce.

50 went to town when Wendy admitted in March to living in a sober house. He took to his Instagram and posted an unflattering pic of Wendy and wrote “I knew something was up with this bitch. It as the drugs. She better not talk about me, then go to the rehab every day. Crack Head. get the strap,” and also claimed she looked like E.T. Wendy’s show is currently on a summer hiatus so even if she wanted to go after Fiddy, she doesn’t have her daily Hot Topics segment at the moment.

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