Woman baffled by pal’s baby name as she thought daughter was actually dog

Choosing a baby name isn't an easy task for couples.

But now one mum took things a little too far when she revealed the name she had in mind for her daughter.

It turns out when she shared the moniker of the tot, one woman was convinced it was a dog.

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The woman's niece told her about the name, then she shared it on Reddit.

She said: "Boxing Day the whole family got together for a catch-up, my niece starts talking about a friend and how 'Oakley is keeping her friend up at night'.

"I asked if Oakley was a dog, she said no, it's her friend's baby."

Not only that but the woman found out the name belonged to a bay which she presumed was a boy.

She added: "I would have been disappointed either way, but I'd say it sounds more masculine.

"At least it's spelled correctly and they didn't butcher it by spelling it Oakleigh."

To make matters worse, the name is "in honour" of the mum's gran, who was named Bonnie.

She claimed "it's names like these that honestly make me want to question my faith in humanity".

"If one of my own friends did this I would seriously cut them off and/or drag them to a brain surgeon," she added.

But it turns out other users also thought the name made no sense.

One commented: "It's cute when they're three! They're going to hate it in school when their classmates call them that."

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