Woman is ‘so done with men’ after only having one drink during two-hour date

A woman got glammed up for a date – but was left feeling "done with men" when the night was over.

Tasia Taderera, from Melbourne in Australia, was annoyed she only got one drink in two hours.

She was disappointed that she put so much effort into her appearance – yet wasn't treated to dinner or any more drinks.

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So as her friend asked how her date went, she sounded defeated, saying: "I'm done with men, I didn't want to do this.

"I'm so done with men, they're disgusting."

The singleton told her friend that she spent time doing makeup and dressing up – hoping to get wined and dined.

"Look at me, take me to dinner, like don't try and get all this information out of me over one drink that you don't want to pay for," she continued.

"And I'm looking this great and I don't know, I just can't with them. I can't. I don't have time for them anymore."

Her friend gave a fair warning to tell men to "do better on dates".

Just before Tasia was about to leave the room, she had a light bulb moment and told her friend: "You know what?

"We should start giving reviews, we should start sending out 'okay so this is how you did' so that they get better because at the end of the day, they'd be doing bare minimum for wanting to be praised, period."

Tasia's opinion divided people on TikTok – as some said her date was not entitled to treat her at all.

"Why does he have to pay you? Why is your time so much more valuable than his?" one asked.

And a second mocked: "Sorry are the 1950s here?"

A third said men think differently than women when it comes to going on dates.

They added: "Men invite you over a drink to get to know each other before making an investment, AKA dinner."

Meanwhile, other TikTokers agreed with Tasia that "post-date reviews" are a good idea.

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