Woman saves £50k on home improvements by doing the work herself

Jasmine Gurney, 28, has always had a knack for DIY, but began to use her skills more after buying a house with husband Stephen.

The content creator from Biggleswade estimates that she’s now completed over 100 projects in the home, saving over £50,000 on the renovation compared to hiring tradespeople.

‘I’ve always had a love for making things and being creative,’ said Jasmine.

‘I used to help my grandad fix things around their home and even concreted a hard-standing for their car when I was around six years old.

‘It wasn’t until we bought our own house however that I really got into the DIY spirit in a bid to save money.

‘Having just bought our first home, we didn’t have a lot of spare cash to really do anything with it, so I started making things from IKEA furniture such as a breakfast bar from a table top and a hallway console from a shelf.’

Next up, Jasmine began revamping her garden, saving over £4,000 on a decking install by doing it herself.

She added: ‘From there, my confidence with DIY grew and I just wanted to start passing on my knowledge as I taught myself along the way.’

Now, with 48.6k followers on Instagram where she shares tutorials and tips, the amateur craftswoman has officially caught the home improvement bug.

Jasmine said: ‘Since we bought this house I’ve probably done upwards of 100 projects, big and small.

‘I’m always asking my friends round the corner if they’ve got anything that needs doing, particularly something I’ve not done before so that I can make some videos to help others gain the confidence to tackle it themselves too.’

Of all of her handiwork, Jasmine’s favourite was a shop fit for her sister’s zero waste shop, Sugar and Scoop.

She said: ‘It’s in a listed building and was very old so required lots of repairs and a huge facelift from the previously dull estate agents it was before.

‘Peeling back six layers of wallpaper, fixing rotten floorboards, rewiring, laying new floors, installing tongue and groove panelling, rendering and tiling the cash desk, and just all the finishing touches.

‘It was a miracle it all got pulled together in just two weeks, and cost us around £500 for all the materials.

‘I learnt so many skills “on the job” that fortnight including tiling for the first time ever and during a heatwave too, it was the hardest, most rewarding time.’

Since then, Jasmine estimates she has spent around a few hundred pounds a month on her projects – but has saved ten times as much.

‘Luckily I’ve worked with some pretty incredible brands who of course help fund a lot of my ‘Instagram’ projects, but the ones for my house, for myself, I probably spend a few hundred a month on materials,’ she said.

‘It’s definitely a lot less than I’d spend getting someone else in to do these things for me though: I reckon I’ve saved north of £50,000 by doing everything myself. £10,000 alone saved doing my garden.’

Jasmine’s top tips for DIY beginners

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