Woman shares snap of belly bloat and admits she ‘barely recognises’ herself

Body positive influencer and bikini brand owner Karina Irby has revealed a candid snap of her belly bloat which has left her to ‘barely recognise’ herself.

The Australian is not afraid to flaunt her natural curves in bikinis on the beach – and she recently told the Daily Star that she found it difficult to find suitable swimwear to fit her body so made her own line that's made £1.5 million.

But although the 32-year-old beauty usually oozes confidence she has revealed that even she has bad days as her uncomfortable tum has made her ‘hate’ her reflection.

In her most recent post to her 1.2 million Instagram followers, the blonde beauty ditched her clothes to pose completely starkers in the mirror.

As she held her phone with one hand, she covered her boobs with the other and struck a pose.

Karina shot her bloated belly in all its glory as she covered her privates with her elevated thigh.

Karina wore her long blonde locks down as she pouted for the camera.

In the caption, she openly spoke about how even she has her bad days where she feels negatively about herself.

She confessed: “Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see? I did tonight.

“I’m so bloated and uncomfortable right now I barely recognised myself. I feel unfit, heavy and 5 kilos heavier.

“I’d been avoiding my reflection all day because I knew how I felt inside without seeing it with my own eyes.”

She continued: “I keep being told to be nicer to myself. But I don’t think nice is what I need. I need motivation.

“I guess I’m sharing this moment with you all because I’m guessing I’m not alone.

"Maybe someone will find comfort in this post? Maybe I will?

“We all have these kind of days and that’s ok.”

Appreciative of Karina being so open about how she feels and looks, people fled to the comments to offer her support – and many could relate to her message.

One person commented: “Exactly what I needed to read. I've been feeling like I've lost my groove and motivation lately. Hating on how I look knowing I'm the only one who can change it but still not up to it. I feel you and you're not alone.”

Another user added: “Thanks for this. It reminds me that I'm not alone.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “You are motivation for so many women but it’s amazing how open you are so others can see you aren’t motivated all the time.”

Someone else praised: “Aaaaand you still look fine as hell!!!”

Meanwhile, a fifth fan expressed: “Thank you for posting this, Karina. I’ve been really bloated recently and very self-conscious.

"I'm back to sucking my stomach in when I’m in public, which I hadn’t done for years. It really does get to you.

“But knowing that even someone as gorgeous as you can get so dramatically bloated makes me feel SO much better.”

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