Woman whose eyeball tattoos left her blind ‘doesn’t regret’ getting them done

An Instagram model whose botched ‘eyeball tattoo’ left her blind for three weeks admits she has 'no regrets' about getting them done.

Amber Luke, 27, from Brisbane, Australia, has covered 98% of her body in ink – spending more than $250,000 (£142,000) on tattoos and extreme body modifications.

And despite tons of pleas from fans begging her to stop, the influencer, who boasts more than 27,000 Instagram followers, claims the hefty price tag has been 'worth it'.

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This is because Amber says she's now 'seen how resilient she is' after putting her body through such extreme stress.

The blue-haired star has had more than 600 tattoos inked during her seven-year transformation – and she shows no signs of slowing down.

This is despite her admitting suffering from seizures and temporary blindness following some of her procedures.

In an Instagram post where she reflected on her botched eyeball surgery, Amber said the inking left her 'completely incapable' of being independent and said she even started crying bright blue tears following the process.

“It’s been five years since I lost my sight for three weeks and was completely incapable of being an independent person,” she wrote.

“The torturous procedure had me endure four syringe injections into each of my eyeballs.

“I cried blue tears for two days after the procedure was performed.”

Amber later marked the occasion by getting a tattoo of a woman crying blue tears on her chest.

Speaking more about the process in a 2019 interview with Barcroft TV, she elaborated: “I can’t even begin to describe to you what the feeling was like, the best thing I can give you is once the eyeball was penetrated with the ink, it felt like [the tattoo artist] grabbed 10 shards of glass and rubbed it in my eye.

“That happened four times per eye, that was pretty brutal.

“If your eyeball procedure is done correctly, you’re not supposed to go blind at all.

The model also admitted she suffered 'excruciating pain' after getting her tongue split twice. After it didn’t take the first time. the surgeon was forced to cut through scar tissue on the second attempt.

Although claimingthe experience almost made her swear off body modifications, she’s since gone back under the knife and spent $70,000 (£40,000) on breast implants, cheek and lip fillers, pointed implants placed in her ears and a Brazilian butt lift.

Speaking to Australian TV, Amber says she had her first tattoo when she was ahed just 16, and said that the experience was like a 'negative energy release' for her.

“It felt like I'd gone through something so euphoric, it felt peaceful and homely,” she said.

“I still feel it, its pride and joy, it's amazing.”


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