World’s hottest gran shares secrets behind youthful look – like drinking tea

Gina Stewart is famous for her youthful looks, which she maintains by following a healthy lifestyle.

The 50-year-old has earned the nickname “world’s hottest gran” due to her age-defying appearance – and is often mistaken for being years younger.

She boasts more than 299,000 followers on Instagram and fans are constantly asking how she turns back the clock.

Thankfully, the Miss Maxim model has spilled some of her anti-ageing secrets recently.

And apparently, she swears by drinking green tea to keep herself feeling young.

She revealed: “(It’s) one of my favourite and one of the cheapest ways to stay healthy.”

Gina added: “A cup of green tea each day, perfect hot or cold.

“Numerous health benefits and extremely high in antioxidants.”

According to the star, drinking the brew regularly is “good for the skin” and “slows down ageing”.

And while green tea isn’t a miracle elixir of youth, Gina could have a point.

Lloyds Pharmacy explained that “it can keep you hydrated”, which is beneficial for helping you to look and feel healthy.

The health experts also say the brew can create “clearer skin” and leave you “feeling more mentally alert”.

It’s not the only time Gina has shared her anti-ageing tips.

Previously, the influencer told the Daily Star that she sticks to a strict skincare regime.

She said: “I believe the Roseship oil I use daily is anti ageing so that’s Botox in a bottle for me. My secret weapon!”

The affordable product is believed to be good for moisturising, brightening and repairing the skin.

And it’s likely the gran’s healthy diet contributes towards her healthy appearance too.

Gina often consumes protein-filled meals, enjoying foods such as chicken, turkey and fish.

The mum-of-four also incorporates plenty of veg and healthy carbs into her diet.

Salad, broccoli and sweet potatoes are some of her favourites.

The Instagram star added that swerving booze and coffee was an “essential” part of looking after herself.

While she sticks to a pretty strict regime, she doesn’t rule out treats completely.

She admitted: “I do love chocolate so I don’t deny this but only in moderation.”

As well as sticking to a balanced diet, Gina emphasises the importance of working on your mental health.

She told us: “I truly believe in the power of mind over matter.

“A good hack is having peace of mind, being aware of what stresses me and reducing that stress as much as possible.

“If I get overwhelmed or stressed I create a peaceful space within myself and re-charge…

“I believe you are what you eat, feel and think. All of it is feeding yourself on every level every day.

“Consistently all that is beneficial for a vibrant, healthy life.”

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