Your Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Your Key Dates:

Believe it or not, you actually have a lot in common with Gemini. Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs expression, communication, and cognition. On June 3, both the Sun and Moon will meet in Gemini, highlighting the peak of your birth chart—the area connected to success, legacy, and reputation. It’s no surprise that this lunation may deliver some exciting professional opportunities. Remember to take a page from Gemini’s book and practice both listening and responding. You may be great at processing information, Virgo, but if you can’t articulate for your needs, you may inadvertently stunt your growth.

A few weeks later on June 17 you’ll be able to put your newfound advocacy to the test. A Full Moon in Sagittarius creates a powerful opposition in your chart between your home and career sectors, leading you to discover that these two domains are ultimately one of the same. In order to speak up at your job, you need to be willing to make active changes in your domestic life as well. So if your roommate’s messy behavior is driving you bonkers, harness the lunar energy to open a difficult conversation. Remember, Virgo babe, just because you’re suppressing your feelings doesn’t mean they’re going away. It’s time to share your frustrations if sanctuary is feeling more like a locker room.

Mark your calendar for June 18—this is an extremely lucky day for love, Virgo! At 7:46 a.m. ET, Saturn and Neptune form a rare, auspicious connection, creating a union between love and partnership. A boo’d-up Virgo may take their relationship to the next level while a single Virgo may not be riding solo for much longer! This cosmic connection is the second installment of a three-part series that will conclude November 8, so get ready as this romantic narrative continues to unfold.

Summer solstice coincides with a new astrological season as the sun shifts into Cancer on June 21. Over the next few weeks, invest in your extended network. Whether you’re trying to amass more followers on social media or simply connect with like-minded people who understand your spirit, this is an excellent time to widen your net. Your willingness to broaden your horizon and step outside your comfort zone will be rewarded with the Sun activating this humanitarian zone. Fortune favors the bold.

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