5 beaches to visit in the UK while social distancing

Beautiful views and more space than people, new research says these are the best beaches in the UK for social distancing.

We won’t be seeing any tropical beaches this summer, but as we cling onto the fun we can have over the warmer months, many of us are looking to the glorious beaches in the UK.

Lockdown restrictions have loosened somewhat, meaning we can now spend time outside as much as we please and meet up as a group of six people. 

However, as the images of areas like Brighton have shown, some beaches are already far too busy, which is why UKcaravans4hire.com has been doing some research into quieter beaches to frequent in the UK. 

In order to find the UK’s quietest beaches, researchers analysed Google to determine which seaside spots are being searched the least.

For example, Priory beach in Pembrokeshire has received only nine searches per week on average, while Blackpool beach is nearing 3,500 searches.

Below, we’ve listed five of the quietest beaches in the UK, so that we can enjoy the sunshine without putting added pressure on the UK’s seaside hotspots

  • Westcliff beach, Southend

    Westcliff beach is a lovely place for a walk, but make sure you only venture out when the tide is low, or there won’t be much space for your stroll!

    There’s a mix of sand and some rockier patches, perfect for getting some fresh air. 

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  • Cley beach, Norfolk

    Norfolk is famous for its lovely beaches and has long been a favourite with UK travellers. Hidden away in north Norfolk lies the medieval village of Cley-next-to-the-Sea, which has much undiscovered charm.

    Nearby you’ll find a nature reserve called the Cley Marshes which is owned by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, as well as an 18th century windmill which is considered a neighbourhood landmark.

    Cley beach is a two mile stretch with exceptional views out over the marshes and to the watery horizon. 

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  • Burntisland beach, Fife

    Burntisland beach can be found close to the station of the town it is named after, and sits in a fairly central spot for exploring the local neighbourhood.

    It has gorgeous views looking over the Firth of Forth, with plenty of rock pools and little nooks to explore.

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  • Huisinis beach, Harris

    If you’re looking for unabashed, rugged coastal beauty, Huisinis beach is the place for you. The Scottish coast is known for being stunning, but this diamond in the rough is particularly special.

    With white sand that you’d imagine to be from a far-flung location, this beach feels both rustic and pure. Watch the waves break on the rocks and walk down the beach to take a look at the string of cute cottages that sit there. 

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