95-year-old woman’s dream comes true as she takes her first ever flight

Boarding your very first flight is an exciting experience but for passenger Gladys Blackburn it was particularly special.

That's because she's realised her lifelong dream of travelling by plane – at the age of 95.

Born in 1924 when commercial aviation was only starting to bloom, Gladys has always enjoyed trips to the airport to watch planes taking off and landing, but she never had the chance to fly in one herself.

Instead, she had always gone on holiday travelling by either road or rail.

In fact, staff at Milton Court Care Home, where she lives in Milton Keynes, only discovered her dream when they created a 'wishing tree' for residents.

They decided to make her dream come true, and teamed up with easyJet and London Luton airport to create a very special trip – and captured the exciting milestone on video.

As Gladys always wanted to see Lake Geneva, they organised a flight with easyJet from London Luton, where she got the full VIP treatment including a glass at champagne at the airport's Aspire Lounge.

Then of course it's on to the big moment, where she was once again given the A-list treatment by members of cabin crew including a glass of bubbly.

The flight was a success, with Gladys beaming throughout as she took in the experience. "I'm in the air flying!" she exclaims at one point.

As for arriving at her destination? "Lake Geneva.. oh boy, oh boy," she said, later adding "I like it here".

Gladys said about the experience: "I was over the moon when they told me about this.

"Being up in the clouds with a glass of champagne and a view of everything below – it was wonderful better than I had imagined. I was nervous at first but I want to do it again now!"

Gemma Brooks, who works at Milton Court Care Home, describes Gladys as an 'amazing bubbly character'.

She said: "Gladys has only ever travelled abroad by coach in her life. It’s always been a dream of hers to fly and why should dreams have to change just because of your age.

"We’re so grateful to London Luton Airport and easyJet for making her wish come true. They have made a 95-year old woman very, very happy."

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