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AN AIRLINE sparked debate online after revealing a very strange freebie they gave to passengers during a flight.

Southwest Airlines shared a picture on Twitter from inside their cabin during a flight to Hawaii.

In a post, the US-based airline company revealed that they had handed a ukelele to passengers jetting out of Long Beach in California.

They explained that it was inspired by Guitar Center, who they had partnered with, who had claimed it was possible to learn how to play in just 20 minutes.

They wrote: "We teamed up with @guitarcenter to surprise a flight full of Customers flying out of Long Beach with a ukulele and a lesson.

"By the time they arrived in Honolulu they were pros."


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The post – which shows multiple smiling passengers – has received more than 9,000 likes on Twitter, with some people liking it.

One impressed person commented: "Oh my, I KNEW there was a reason I fly Southwest when I can. I've become a devoted fan of y'all over all the other airlines."

Another wrote: "No fair. I’ve been on this same LGB to HNL flight half a dozen times and all I ever got was forced to sit separately from my wife and baby."

However, many Twitter users admitted that the experience would have been their own worst nightmare.

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One person wrote: "As someone with sensory processing issues related to noise, I would literally have been bent double in my seat, arms over my head, sobbing, and having a panic attack."

A second added: "I would be asking for parachute and letting me out mid-flight."

Someone asked: "What if you didn't want to hear a cacophony of ukuleles? What if you just wanted to sit in silence for the entire flight and watch TV or read, like a regular flight?"

And a fourth noted: "Literally cannot think of anything worse my god."

However, Southwest Airlines were prompted to respond to suggestions that they'd disturbed passengers who wanted to travel in peace and quiet.

They added: "Don't worry, y'all, everyone put their ukuleles away after 20 minutes since they had already mastered how to play."

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