Ask the Captain: What’s it like to work during the Thanksgiving travel rush?

What were your best and worst experiences working on Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgivings I worked often included several hotels taking special care of the flight crews with turkey and all the trimmings. We appreciated the hospitality and the realization that we missed our time with our family to get our passengers to their families. 

The worst was when there were weather problems causing delays or cancellation. We know that there are very few options for passengers due to airplanes being full. We did all we could but there were stranded passengers and holiday plans that were affected. 

Which cities or airports do you enjoy flying into during the holiday season?

Seeing the holiday lights in many cities is a special experience. New York and Boston are especially noteworthy as you come over the water toward the city dressed in their “holiday” best. 

When there is time to enjoy it, seeing New York with all the holiday decorations, and the children’s excitement is always fun. 

New Year’s Eve was special when I was in cities with fireworks.

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