Brits will need booster jabs to holiday in Europe next summer, EU set to declare

BRITS will need a booster jab to holiday in Europe next summer, the EU is set to declare.

Eurocrats are poised to update their vaccine passport to include the need for a top-up shot for free travel.

The move, which will affect millions of UK tourists, is expected to come into force early next year.

Double vaccination is likely to become invalid after one year, with the change applying to at least over-65s.

EU health chief Stella Kyriakides revealed the bloc is "working with the utmost urgency" on the plan.

Germany's Europe minister Michael Roth said booster shots are "the order of the day" because they turbocharge immunity.

He added: "A digital vaccination certificate is of paramount importance, but it must be based on scientific knowledge. We have to make adjustments."

Ireland's Thomas Byrne said: "We're looking for signals about the importance of booster doses and how they interact with the digital Covid certificate."

As well as for travel, vaccine passports are needed to enter bars and restaurants in many European countries.

EU capitals kicked off talks on fine-tuning the plan today, with leaders set to rubber stamp it at a summit next month.

The change will be part of a new travel blueprint to be tabled by Commission boss Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday.

She is set to follow Britain's lead by binning almost all restrictions in favour of one red list of high risk countries.

Diplomats said the bloc will move from targeting whole states to distinguishing between the vaccinated and unjabbed.

Europe is battling a fresh winter wave of Covid fuelled in part by low booster rates in some countries.

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