Can I go to the Canary Islands? Latest 2020 holiday and travel advice for Tenerife and Gran Canaria

SPAIN has been one of the hardest hit countries in the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

With flights grounded and borders closed, holidays to the country have all but stopped since March.

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Spain currently has 286,718 cases of coronavirus, with 27,127 deaths – 10,000 less than the UK.

Here is everything you need to know about heading to the Canaries this year, from flights to quarantine.

What is the advice from the UK government?

The UK government's advice of avoiding all non-essential travel remains in place, with no plans for this to be ended any time soon.

While the UK tourism industry may resume next month, there is no mention of international travel.

A 14-day quarantine is also being put into place next week for anyone returning to the UK, including British nationals.

Air bridges – an agreement between two countries to waive the quarantine – are being considered from the UK to other tourist destinations, including Spain.

However these are not yet in place, and are currently in discussion as to when they could be implemented.

Are tourists allowed to visit the Canary Islands?

International tourists are not currently allowed onto the islands, with the state of emergency in place until June 21.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez hopes that tourists will be able to return to the country by July, while the Balearics Islands regional government is campaigning to run a test with 3,000 foreign tourists from June 16.

However, British tourists may be the last to be allowed into the country due to the high number of coronavirus cases in the UK.

The Canary Islands tourism minister said the UK's "health situation needs to improve" before they can be welcomed back to the country.

Will I have to quarantine in the Canary Islands?

The country is quarantining visitors until the June 21, where it will then be lifted.

British tourists who test positive for coronavirus in Tenerife face being ordered out of their hotels to self-isolate in apartments.

Are flights running?

Limited flights are currently running, with Wizz Air offering routes to Tenerife.

However, easyJet hopes to resume a reduced service from mid-June although this will primarily be domestic routes, with international travel from July.

Ryanair and British Airways plan to operate again by July.

Not only will there be limited flights, but airlines are expected to follow strict new health measures such as social distancing on board as well as face masks and additional disinfecting between journeys.

We've also explained everything you need to know about visiting the Balearic Islands.

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