Dad reveals VERY strange method to hide valuables on the beach – but people aren't convinced | The Sun

A DAD has revealed his "beach life hack" for hiding valuables on a beach – but not everyone is sure about it.

TikTok user Jordan Flom revealed his method which involved a toilet seat.

In the video, he puts glue on the top of the toilet seat, and then covered it in sand.

Digging a hole, he put his t-shirt into it to form a barrier, before packing the hole with ice and puts his drinks in there, as well as his valuables like phone and wallet.

The dad then placed the toilet seat on top, which is completely hidden in the sand – but can be opened to access the stuff inside.

He said: "Here's the key – normally if you put your valuables anywhere on the beach, somebody could completely steal it.

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"But now – it's not even there."

The video, captioned "Beach life hack changes vacation forever" has been watched more than 8million times.

However most people were not convinced by the "hack".

One person said: "Not the robbers watching me spend 30 minutes gluing sand on a toilet."

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He said to cover the toilet seat in glue, and then rub sand on it
He then made a hole for his beers and wallet, and put the toilet seat on top

Another person said: "Or just bring a cooler?"

A third wrote: "You go for a dip and then you forget where you buried your glued toilet seat."

Jordan admitted in a later video that he did forget where it was, and only found it after someone else on the beach kicked it by accident.

He said in the comments: "Funny story… I left the beach and forgot my stuff there. Luckily it was there when I went back 30 minutes later."

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