Flight attendant reveals why you should NEVER inflate your life jacket on a plane – even if you crash in the water

FLIGHT crew have revealed why you should never inflate your life jacket in the cabin – even if you land on water.

While it may seem obvious to some, a deadly plane crash saw 125 people die after ignoring the safety rule.

A flight attendant on Reddit explained why you should never inflate the jacket even if you crash in the water.

She wrote on the forum: "DO NOT inflate your life vest in the case of a crash until you LEAVE the aircraft.

“If the plane goes underwater and you inflated it you’ll drown before you exit.

“People panic and want to inflate it as soon as they put it on but you’re just screwing yourself.”

A former pilot added that it could also cause problems if the jacket is popped: "If the cabin is damaged in the crash your vest has a greater chance of being torn or popped like a balloon."

Another person said in response: "I worked for a manufacturer of these devices, and would add that when lifejackets inflate they get very stiff and constrain your neck to an upward facing position. This keeps you from drowning, if you become unconscious.

"Therefore, passengers would effectively be trying to escape a confined space, in a rush, with a large disabling neck brace which is hard as a rock."

A plane crash in 1996 resulted in the deaths of 125 of the 175 passengers onboard after they failed to realise this.

On November 23, 1996, Ethiopian Airlines flight 961 was hijacked, which resulted in a crash landing into the water.

However, passengers inside the cabin then inflated their life jackets while the plane was on the water.

The cabin then filled with water – leaving everyone trapped inside as their inflated life jackets meant they couldn't escape.

The best time to put it on, according to experts, is when at the emergency exit door – just before leaving the plane.

Here are some of the other things you can do to increase your chances of surviving a plane crash.

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