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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed their favourite type of passenger to have onboard – and they're often treated better.

Holidaymakers who are rude to cabin crew or grumble and complain may want to rethink their tiresome travel actions in the future.

In a thread on Reddit one passenger wanted to know how they can improve a flight attendant's working day.

They wrote: "I’m normally polite and friendly anyway, but what more can I do to make your job easier?"

Straight away flight attendants, and users who claimed to have their wings, flooded into the comments to explain who they loved welcoming onboard.

For one cabin crew member, the answer was obvious.

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They wrote: "The one who sleeps the whole flight."

Another flight attendant wrote: "Ideal passenger is one that’s kind and courteous to his [their] fellow passengers.

"This usually translates to them being nice to us but that’s not as paramount to me as much as you be nice to those around you."

Another flight attendant was quick to agree stating the importance of "basic manners" when travelling on a plane.

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They said: "Simply saying hi when we welcome you onboard, being nice to us and compliant, [and] basic manners [such as] please and thank you [isn't] too much to ask."

While "basic manners" and "kindness" cropped up a fair few times, one flight attendant had a set of specifics that they looked for in their favourite passenger.

This included those who pay attention to the safety demonstration, anyone who uses the call button judiciously and passengers who don't hog the toilet.

They also preferred passengers who avoided "stretching, yoga, baby comforting, [and] child entertainment" in the galley.

Other favourite passengers included those who found their seat quickly and disembarked the aircraft row-by-row.

In their weekly blog for Sun Online Travel, an anonymous flight attendant also revealed that they had favourites onboard.

For this member of cabin crew, those passengers who listened to the safety demonstration were firm favourites.

They said: "I can always tell who isn't listening.

"I can imagine it being like a singer on stage and no one's listening to me. But we have to do it, it's a safety aspect and it's for your benefit.

"Of course, it's nothing personal, it just means we might have our favourites when it comes to potentially saving lives on board.

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"People that are paying attention will know what to do and we might favour them as opposed to the guys who aren't paying attention."

Meanwhile one flight attendant revealed why they hate when passengers order a certain kind of drink on the plane.

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