From Titz to Horneytown… here’s where to find the most filthily-named places in the world – The Sun

HAVE you ever considered a trip down the Kinki Expressway… or spending a night at Horneytown or Intercourse Island?

Well look no further – as from a pair of Titz in Algeria, via a Brazilian Varginha and a Philippine Sexmoan, there’s plenty of places to visit in the world.

Now 300 of the rudest-named destinations have been meticulously logged in a new map by Humphrey Butler from the Magnificently Rude Map Of World Place Names.

Humphrey said: “Every country has its own  trends – in Australia there are lots of rocky outcrops called ‘knobs’ such as Peculiar Nob, Bald Knob and even Prominent Nob.

“While in the USA there’s Horneytown, Three Way and Intercourse.

“And while you thought Golden Balls was David Beckham, it’s actually a place in Oxfordshire.”

Although, perhaps  less appealingly named destinations are Bowels of the Earth (New Zealand), Backside Of Hell Cove (Canada) Port Circumcision (Alaska) and Rectum in Poland.

The Magnificently Rude Map of World Place Names is available from, priced at £17.99.

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