Go Behind-the-Scenes with Seaforth on Their 'Breakups' Music Video: All the Photos


Rising country duo Seaforth are giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their new music video, “Breakups.”

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“Most of our music videos have been really energetic and upbeat, so this was our first time doing something more serious,” said the band’s Mitch Thompson.

“It was really important to us to convey all the emotion in this song since it came from such a raw place.”

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“We wanted to keep the vibe of the video pretty low key to match the song, but still make sure our personalities came through,” said Tom Jordan.

“There’s little touches like the lighting and stuff around the set, like the posters and the neon.”

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“We worked with Jimmy Fisco to direct the video, and he was great to collaborate with,” said Jordan.

“He really understood the feel of the song and how to make it come across on camera.”

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“This is our stylist, Josh, who always makes sure we look presentable. He probably has one of the toughest jobs when it comes to the two of us,” laughed the pair.

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“We wrote this song with Liz Rose and Cameron Bedell, and produced it ourselves from our home studio,” explained Thompson.

“Being in quarantine has been challenging but also inspiring, and luckily we can still make music and write, so we’ve kept ourselves busy. But still can’t wait to get back on the road and tour,” echoed Jordan.

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“Safety is of course such an important part of planning for anything right now, so our entire team and the video crew worked so hard to keep the environment as safe as possible and exceed the recommended protocols,” said Thompson.

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“This one truly captures the glamour of shooting a music video,” joked Thompson. “Gotta keep the mane looking flawless.”

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“This is my best Blue Steel,”said Jordan. “In all seriousness, this video felt different for us in a lot of ways so keeping things simple and focusing on the emotion was crucial.”

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“‘Breakups’ is definitely the most personal song we’ve released so far. The writing process was really like therapy for both of us, and we can only hope it might help someone who’s going through a similar situation,” said Thompson.

“People connecting with our lyrics is one of the best parts about making music.”

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“We actually shot two music videos on this day, and this was the team that made it all happen,” said the duo.

“We hope people love the ‘Breakups’ video and relate to it like we do.”

Watch the video here.

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