Gov set to slash quarantine to 5 days after lockdown – so families can travel to 'red list' destinations for Xmas

FAMILIES returning from 'red list' destinations will be able to quarantine for just five days on their return instead of 14 after the lockdown is lifted, according to government sources.

This means travelling to Spain or Turkey will result in a much shorter isolation period when returning to the UK.

Currently, anyone travelling to a high risk country must go into quarantine for two weeks, or face £1,000 fines.

This is likely to be lifted by next month, with a new scheme enforcing two coronavirus tests, one on arrival in the UK and one on the fifth day of isolation.

If the second test is positive, then they will be able to leave isolation.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is expected to announce the new changes later today.

A source told the Telegraph: "The rule will be that you can have the test on day five and either on the same day or day six release yourself, depending on when you get your negative result.

"We are looking to enforce it in December, in two weeks’ time, around December 15."

However, families will have to order a government-approved PCR test which can cost between £130 and £180.

With destinations such as Spain and Italy also enforcing negative coronavirus tests on arrival, this could make holidays up to £400 more expensive per person.

One-hour Covid tests for holidaymakers leaving the UK have already launched at Heathrow for passengers travelling to Hong Kong

The tests will be rolled out for passengers who are travelling to other countries that require a negative coronavirus test in order to avoid being quarantined.

The swab tests can cost more than £100 if bought privately, but the new tests are expected to fall for as little as £5 each as production is ramped up.

Gatwick Airport is launching rapid coronavirus testing for passengers from November 30.

Travellers will be able to pay £60 to get a swab test, with group discounts being offered.

A dad was landed with a £7,000 fine after he was caught breaking quarantine three times following a holiday with his family to Spain.

Self-isolation for contacts of coronavirus cases is also set to be scrapped undernew government plans.

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