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A MUM has explained why she took just one of her kids on holiday while leaving the other at home – and found it was the best thing she ever did.

Mum-of-two Lana Hallowes explained she was visiting a friend in another state, and took her youngest son while her eldest, who has special needs, stayed at home to go to school.

She told New York Post: "Like most mums, I haven’t had a break in a long time. Too long. I’ve been stressed and run down.

"When I think about my friends with kids, I think most of them have a child who requires a little or a lot more of their love and attention, but can also trigger more feelings of 'I’m not doing enough for them' as a parent.

"So I knew I needed a break from one of my kids, and that I also wanted some quality time with the other one."

She said that while her eldest was "upset initially" he eventually accepted that he wasn't going away and would be staying at home with her husband.

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Lana continued: "The minute I reversed out of the driveway to head to the airport, I felt my chest release and happiness I haven’t felt in a while come bubbling to the surface.

"Just the act of putting myself first and doing something I knew I needed was healing in itself."

She admitted she felt guilty about leaving her eldest behind, but said her husband and him had their own bonding time together while she was away.

She continued: "I came home a better mum for him. A happier mum.

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"But best of all, I also came home to a relaxed and content boy. He’d needed a break from me too, I think."

Some mums were on her side – one said: "I would love to do this!"

However, others were not so supportive, with someone simply saying: "Poor kid."

Lana isn't the first mum to admit why she prefers going on holiday with just one of her children.

Another mum divided opinion after she explained why she only ever takes one of her kids on holiday at a time.

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