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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the clever £27 item they always take while travelling – and people have said it changed their life.

Writing on a Reddit forum for flight attendants, they explained why they were such a game-changer for getting more into your suitcase when travelling.

They wrote: "I bought myself some packing cubes a few years ago when I was doing some solo traveling and they are the BOMB.

"I didn’t get crazy fancy ones but let me tell you, these have served me very well and I have yet to rip, bust, or otherwise damage one in any way (and I’m a total clutz so that’s saying something).

"Really helps with efficient packing/organizing, plus if your bag somehow pops open your clothes and stuff don’t end up like confetti on the ground wherever you are."

Another flight attendant agreed, saying: " I have been using them for almost a year and they’re great.

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"Literally 0 complaints and I love that they’re not even the slightest bit rigid like some other ones. There’s lots of sizes too so you can use a combo of sizes that works best for you."

Both of them explained that the ones they swear by are BAGAIL packing cubes.

Starting from £27 on Amazon, they come in a range of patterns and colours too, as well as sizes.

The cheapest price is for a pack of six in turquoise, but there are also packs of eight, with patterns of stripes, flowers and leopard print.

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Each cube has a mesh front so you can see what is inside, and come in four different sizes as well as a dirty washing bag.

They have had thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon.

Even families praised them, with one parent's review saying: "These made packing for a week-long beach trip with 2 little kids so easy. Will not travel without these!!"

One woman called them "life-changing" while another said: "I don't know how I've traveled all these years without these."

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