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A THEME park expert has revealed why you should always skip lunch when visiting – and it's not why you think.

Mark Forrest, who visits theme parks across the UK on his TikTok account DisneyMark gave the clever tip for wanting to go on the big rides.

Mark, who has teamed up with Blackpool Pleasure Beach, said the lunch time shouldn't be used for eating, but heading to the rollercoasters to avoid the queues.

He said: "If you didn’t manage to get to the park when the doors open, then consider saving the biggest rides for lunchtime.

"Most guests visit eateries during the hours of 12 and 2pm, so this is a good time to head to some of the bigger rides on the park."

He added that the average queue time at Blackpool Pleasure Beach decreases between 12pm and 1pm as well, so should always use those hours "to your advantage".

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Oliver Brendon, CEO of AttractionTickets.com  agreed that this was the best way to avoid them.

He said: “Come lunchtime, there’s likely to be a bigger queue for your food than there is for the rides.

"If you can plan an early lunch, or bring snacks and take a later break, this is the perfect time to head to some of the most popular rides which tend to have queues all day long.”

It's not the only reason to skip lunch either – if you are prone to feeling sick, you should avoid eating too.

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Here are some other ways to stop feeling nauseous at the theme park.

Professor Brendan Walker, thrill engineer at Thrill Laboratory, a company that designs and experiments with rides, added that ginger is the best thing if you want to avoid feeling sick.

He told us: “Stem ginger, or crystallised ginger is the best cure for sickness.

“Crystallised ginger can be sucked on like a sweet and will help with feelings of nausea."

And he said the worst ride for feeling sick isn't even rollercoasters.

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He added: "The worst ride to get on if you’re prone to nausea is the teacups, especially if you’re in a cup with a really evil friend who want to spin it around and around and around."

And a theme park tester also recently revealed how to avoid long queues.

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