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A TRAVEL expert has revealed the two days of the week you should always fly on to avoid travel problems.

Cancelled flights, lost luggage and long airport queues are just some of the issues Brits have faced this year during the chaos across the travel industry.

However, an expert has said there are two days of the week when problems are less likely.

Martin Jones, CEO and travel expert at Airport Parking Reservations said: "Over the last few years, flight cancellations have become increasingly frustrating, and seemingly unavoidable.

"Although any flight is technically liable for cancellation, recent trends have shown that flight cancellations typically coincide with how populated an airport is.

"Therefore, it could be worth considering travel on off-peak' days (Tuesday and Wednesday)."

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He said Tuesday and Wednesday flights are also much quieter, as business travellers often fly at the start of the week while holidaymakers wait until the weekend.

Martin added: "As a result of the reduced demand for flying on these days, airfares prices are respectively lower – so it is a win, win situation."

He also said early flights are better too, as it avoids the "rush hour" of travellers during the main part of the day.

Not only are early flights less likely to be delayed, but they are also less likely to have turbulence.

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The big day to avoid? Sundays, according to other experts.

This is not only the busiest day, but the day travellers are most miserable.

Aviation expert John Strickland explained: "Sunday is one the busiest days of the week for flights: end of long weekends, longer holidays and getting in position for the working week.”

And a study which analysed more than 4.5 million customer feedback points at airports in 30 countries found that the worst day of the week to travel was Sunday, as people were the least happy.

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The best day to fly for satisfaction was also a Wednesday, where happiness was the highest at 84.6 per cent.

Here are some other flight tips, including how to avoid having your flight cancelled.

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