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AN airline worker has revealed the kind of suitcase you should never use if you are checking in your bag before a holiday.

Megan Homme often shares her travel tips including the best time to book cheap flights and how to travel with just hand luggage.

In one of her videos, she also explained the style of luggage you should use to keep your valuables safe.

The first thing is to avoid any soft suitcases.

She told her 360k followers: "Always look for hard-sided or waterproof luggage.

"You never know what is going to be in someone else's bag, or what is going to be underneath the plane and what could leak on your bag."

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Even the colour matters as well, Megan explained.

She said: "Get a dark colour. If your bag is going under the plane it is going to be scuffed up very quickly. I learned that the hard way."

Avoid a black suitcase though, after one airport boss said this can cause problems if it gets lost due to it being such a common colour.

Megan's other suggestions include suitcases with four wheels – as those with two get "really annoying" when dragging it through the airport, and get a bag that is expandable for any last-minute shopping on holiday.

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Thankfully, she said you don't need "the most expensive luggage" to keep your stuff safe.

Here are some of the best cheap suitcases you can buy right now.

A travel expert recently said you should never take a suitcase with wheels if travelling with hand luggage.

Lee Thompson, co-founder of luxury travel company, Flash Pack explained that wheeled suitcases are more likely to be put in the hold if there are too many in the cabin to fit in the lockers.

And a baggage handler also revealed the best kind of suitcase to check in to avoid it being damaged – but not everyone agrees.

Don't make it heavy either as it will get damaged more easily.

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An airport worker said: "If your bag is over 55lbs, it's gonna have a bad time. How annoyed do you get lifting your own bag into the back of the car?

"Imagine have to do that 200 times – it gets frustrating and tiresome and sometimes we just throw with very little care because they are too heavy to do carefully."

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