I'm an ex-flight attendant and I swear by my two clever suitcase tricks that keep you safe when staying at a hotel | The Sun

A FORMER flight attendant has revealed the two clever ways she uses her suitcase to stay safe in a hotel.

The ex-cabin crew member Nassim said she always made sure to check she was alone in her room after being warned by other crew.

She said she started the clever safety tricks after she heard a story from a crew member after "someone had hidden in their room".

She told the Express: "Every time I got to a hotel room I would use my luggage case to keep the hotel door open."

Nassim said she would then check everywhere – in the bathroom, behind the curtains and under the bed – to make sure no one else was in there.

It isn't the only way she uses her suitcase as a security measure.

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She continued: "I would place my bag by the door in case someone would open it from the outside so that it would make a noise."

Another flight attendant said that hotel doors should always have a peephole cover, to stop people looking inside your room.

But she explained a nifty hack if there isn't one to ensure you can still guarantee privacy.

Demonstrating the tip in her video, Cici explained: “Just take some tissue and shove it in there so nobody can see inside your room.”

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The social media user also shared elsewhere in the clip – which has been viewed more than 915,000 times – some other steps she takes to feel at ease while staying in a hotel.

Another flight attendant had her own suitcase hack, explaining why crew all have the same luggage.

Going by the name Sharmy on TikTok, she said there was one brand that many airlines often recommend not just for style but durability.

She explained: "In addition to our luggage being part of our appearance guidelines, Travelpro is just good quality stuff."

"As someone who decided not to buy the Travelpro suitcase when I was in airline training, I went through a suitcase every two months.

"In this job, we beat suitcases down, we cannot use the same suitcases as the casual traveller going to Disney once a year.

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Another flight attendant has shared her top tips, including the five items to always pack in your suitcase.

But there are also three items you should never pack next time you go on holiday, according to a different cabin crew member.

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