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A MAN who has travelled the world has revealed the big mistake you are making which could mean you lose thousands.

Ryan Smith has flown around the world just using hand luggage.

However, he said there is one very important thing to do if you need to check in a suitcase for your holiday.

If you don't, you could be left thousands of pounds out of pocket.

He wrote on The Point's Guy: "Let’s say your bag is lost and you want to file a claim for reimbursement. One of the first steps in this process will be proving what was in your suitcase and its worth.

"Can you name exactly what was in your suitcase the last time you checked a bag, and prove how much each item is worth? I know I wouldn’t be able to off the top of my head."

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Ryan explained that taking a photograph of the contents of your suitcase – including clothes, gadgets and toiletries – can mean you are much more likely to get full compensation if an airline damages or loses your bag.

He continued: "That’s why I plan to take pictures and videos of the contents of my checked bags any time something valuable is inside."

He added to make sure to take pictures of "brand names and labels" to be able to prove their value as well.

Travel insurance provider Allianz confirmed that this is a "handy tool" as it is a "time-stamped record" to prove your suitcase contents.

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One traveller said they had no proof of their content's worth – which was around $2,200 (£1,914) – and was only given $900 (£783) compensation by the airline when it went missing.

Don't forget to take pictures of the outside of your suitcase too.

Frequent flyer Sarvakhgyan Santhaunam said: "A photo gives a very clear description of the baggage and helps airport authorities narrow down their scope of searching.

"Chances of getting your luggage are usually higher if you have a photo. After all, it only takes a few seconds to take a photo."

If you want to reduce the chances of your suitcase going missing, you should avoid a black bag.

Frankfurt Airport boss Stefan Schulte warned travellers to avoid black suitcases after the airport struggled with baggage this summer.

He said it was "hard to distinguish them from each other” with an airport spokesperson adding: “Many people travel with black suitcases on wheels which makes identifying them very time-intensive.”

More travellers are using AirTags in their suitcases to track them in case they go missing.

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