I've travelled the world – I swear by a 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule when trying to pack lightly on holiday | The Sun

A MAN who has travelled the world has revealed his clever technique for packing when going on holiday.

Trying to work out how much to take on holiday can be hard, especially when trying to keep luggage costs down.

Daniel Green, who owns travel insurance company Faye, has travelled the world.

And to make sure he doesn't overpack, he explained his own 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule.

He told Business Insider: "Pack one hat, two pairs of shoes, three bottoms, four tops, five pairs of socks, and six pairs of underwear."

He said this works for both long and short trips – with enough for a week long trip but can be washed if going away for longer.

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Apart from the underwear, most things can be reworn and saves having unworn clothes taking up space.

Daniel previously slammed airlines who charge for luggage, calling it "preposterous".

He told Washington Post: "No one is happy about it."

A packing expert has revealed four other tips and tricks for freeing up space in your suitcase.

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And you may be surprised to hear that you should be both rolling and folding your clothes when packing.

Expert Sophie Liard, AKA The Folding Lady, said: "A mixture works well, depending on the material of the clothing and what is actually going in the suitcase."

She advises: "As a general rule of thumb we’d advise folding the following items; blazers, t-shirts, underwear, jackets, anything delicate or with embellishment and rolling the following; thicker knits, dresses, tights."

The hybrid packing and rolling approach is one supported by packing and tidying expert Marie Kondo, who revealed how she makes the most of space in her suitcase.

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