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I AM sitting outside our holiday villa watching my toddler and husband play in the pool, feeling very much in the doldrums. No, not depressed. In fact, I had never felt so zen.

The doldrums are the name for the trade winds that cool Lanzarote. Combined with a glass of chilled local wine, those cool afternoon currents were soothing me nicely.

Life at Villa Paraiso in the south of Lanzarote had been a revelation. The striking property, which translates to “Paradise Villa”, enjoys a tranquil location on a cul de sac within walking distance of Playa Blanca town.

My husband Simon, our two-year-old son Wilf and I enjoyed a blissful week at the property. It is managed by Optima Villas, which has 70 other villas across the island.

Before this, hotel holidays with Wilf had meant being marooned at bedtime, staring at the same four walls while your child snores.  Not so at Villa Paraiso, where we were free to chill out in the lavish lounge or shaded area next to our very own pool.

By day, that pool was again bliss. Because while tantrums from your own child can be annoying, we were glad to never hear anyone else’s screaming little angels.

Incredibly, I didn’t even miss the all-inclusive buffet. Our modern kitchen was well-appointed, including a dishwasher, while the local fruit and veg was beautiful. Making our own breakfasts and lunches became a surprise highlight of the trip.

Our days were spent slowly, with chilling by the pool the top priority. When it was time to come out of the sun, the covered outdoor shade area was perfect for kid-friendly fun, such as looking at picture books or colouring in.

Villa life was as calm as the water in the nearby harbour, Playa Blanca Marina Rubicon — a favourite spot full of lovely restaurants and high-end shops.

In the early evening we headed to one of Playa Blanca’s beaches to enjoy the golden hour — when the strength of the sun had waned and the heat was gentle enough for wave-paddling and building some serious sandcastles.

We hired a car, as it was a 20-minute walk to town, but cabs are cheap and plentiful so having your own vehicle is not essential.

Lanzarote is famous for its stunning black-sand beaches but, if you prefer, they also come in the classic golden variety — like Papagayo, tucked out of the way and lacking the crowds of other beaches.

The beach has a lunar beauty thanks to the backdrop of Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape, plus a couple of cafes and restaurants. Try Clifftop for an early-evening meal with spectacular sea views.

While at Playa Flamingo, enclosed by rocks, the water was calm and perfect for paddling while holding a little one’s hand.

Our favourite meal was at Sebastyan’s, a welcoming Greek restaurant just a few minutes’ drive from the villa. The garlic prawns and lamb shank are a themust.

Although we visited during half-term, the evenings were so quiet we never worried about Wilf disturbing other diners. Now we can’t wait to get back down in the doldrums.


GETTING THERE: Flights from the UK to Lanzarote are from £28.99, one way, with easyJet. See
STAYING THERE: Paraiso Villa, in Playa Blanca, costs from £130 per night. For details, see

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