Longest suspension bridge in the world opens in Portugal with 1,692ft of panoramic views

THE world's longest suspension bridge has opened in Portugal – with tourists able to walk across the 1,692ft structure from next week.

Opening to the public from May 3, a number of brave visitors have already walked across the ‘516 Arouca’ named due to being 516m in length.

The bridge is suspended 575ft above ground, with a sheer drop into the River Paiva and cliffs below.

The bridge is built using steel cables and a metal-grid base, which lets you feel like you are walking on nothing along with a view of the River Paiva below.

It breaks the previous record which was held by the Charles Kuonen Bridge in the Swiss Alps, which held the title since 2017.

It took more than two yers to build, at a cost of €2.3 million.

Lucky tourist Rui Brandaowho was one of the first to walk across said he wasn't able to look down, but said it was a great experience.

He said: "I strongly advise you to come even if, like me, you have vertigo. I have to say I haven’t felt it at all."

Tourists who want to visit themselves can head to the b ridge from next week, with it an hours drive from Porto.

It isn't the only scary bridge in the world.

An 100m (328ft) 'bending' bridge has opened in China, with many believing it was too crazy to exist.

The Ruyi bridge, located in the Zhejiang Province, was first revealed in 2017, before opening in 2020.

Initially, the designs were met with skepticism, with the wonky walkways standing 140m (459ft) above ground seeming unrealistic.

However, it has since become a huge tourist attraction with more than 200,000 brave visitors making the walk between the two mountains since it opened.

In 2018, China opened a £15bn bridge stretching 34 miles from Hong Kong to Macau – which is the longest sea-crossing ever built.

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