Man reveals why he upgraded his plane seat to first class but not his wife's – and people are not happy | The Sun

A MAN has sparked anger online after revealing why he upgraded his plane seat, but not his wife's.

The pair were preparing to board a flight, where they were due to sit in economy class together, when the man was told he had enough loyalty points to upgrade one of the seats.

He took the airline up on their offer, but didn't tell his wife until they were about to get on the aircraft, causing her to get upset when she found out.

However, he felt that because he was taller, she should have been more understanding about his needs to get a more comfortable seat and that upgrading both would've cost money.

He took to social media site Reddit to ask others if he was behaving unreasonably.

He wrote: "My wife and I took a trip to visit my family by plane. Before our flight back, I got a pretty good deal to upgrade one of our seats to first class.

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"There were enough points to upgrade one seat without spending extra money. So I decided to upgrade my seat. I’m taller than her so it makes sense for me to get the extra legroom.

"She found out when we boarded and got super upset, asking me why I didn’t ask her about it or upgrade both seats.

"I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal, it’s just an airplane seat, and if she loved me, she would want me to be more comfortable.

"I don’t see the point of upgrading both tickets because that would cause extra money to be spent."

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However, support for the man was in short supply, with others firmly sticking up for his wife.

One wrote: "Stop playing dumb. You know exactly what you did. If you didn't expect a bad reaction you would have told her before you boarded the plane."

A second said: "He waited until he no choice but to tell her because he knew what he was doing was completely wrong and selfish."

A third added: "If you loved, or even liked, your wife, you wouldn’t be so dismissive and would have considered her at some point during your upgrade planning, but of course you didn’t because you’re selfish."

For those who want to get a free upgrade in the future, there are a few techniques that they could use.

One of the main ways is simply to be friendly to the cabin crew.

A flight attendant answering questions on a Reddit forum explained why.

She said: "Be really, really friendly.

"Help an attendant when necessary (lifting bags, help with spilled drinks)

"We might be nicer when we see you are struggling (2m tall guys in economy, very annoying person next to you)."

Another flight attendant was more brutal and explained why you weren't getting free upgrades.

Shauni, a senior cabin crew member said during the Channel 5 TV show Upgrade Me: Secrets of the First Class: “People upgrade passengers when they are better looking.

"I don't know why that is.”

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Meanwhile this frequent flyer revealed how they sometimes manage to get upgrades on plane journeys.

And this flight attendant explained how to improve your chances of sitting in first class.

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