Man slams single mum for jumping the airport queues – but people are divided | The Sun

A MAN called out a single mum who cut the long lines at the airport – but people have been split about who was in the right.

He explained on Reddit that he was travelling through the airport for a holiday to Maui with his wife when it happened.

After arriving three hours before their flight, they said they got into the huge queues which were "long and winding well outside the building".

He wrote: "About a half hour into our wait a mother and her son (about 10-12) asked my wife if they could cut in line because they were going to be late for their flight.

"My wife said sure but I said no and it wouldn’t be fair to all the other people behind her who got there early and waited this long."

He said she then got in the queue behind them which "rubbed him the wrong way," only for her to cut in again further down the line.

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The poster continued: "I ask the gentleman behind us if he was okay with her cutting in line and he said it’s not okay but she’s a single mother and needs a break.

"I don’t engage in conversation with him anymore because obviously he’s wrong and I also find it wrong he assumes a single mom who can afford to take her son to Maui needs help or needs a break."

He asked if he was in the wrong, as he was "made to feel like a jerk" after his wife and the other passenger let them cut.

Some people agreed with him, saying: " Even though you made your flight, line jumpers may have kept people behind you from making theirs.

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"I'm surprised no one else complained and got her sent to the back of the line."

Another person simply said: "F*** line cutters."

However, lots of people didn't agree and said he handled the situation badly.

One person wrote: "I am a big fan of proper queuing technique, but everyone is late to the airport at some point in their lives – things happen we can't control."

A second person said: "If it didn't make you late to your flight just let it go, she's not introducing her son to a life of debauchery by being impatient."

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Others were not so kind: "To think that you were so bothered that you spent over twenty minutes throwing a hissy fit over someone going in front of you. I’ve seen kids in-line at Disney World better behaved and more compassionate."

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