Man sparks furious plane etiquette debate after making ‘petty’ seat complaint

Last week people on social media became involved in a heated debate over arm rests on plane seats and who has the right to them.

Now they're back at it, but this time they're arguing about whether it's acceptable to ask someone to switch seats with you on a flight.

It all began when one man aired his grievances on Twitter after a plane passenger refused to swap seats with him so he could sit next to his girlfriend.

Their reason for saying no? Because they wanted to look out of the window.

But who was in the right in this situation and who was in the wrong?

In his tweet, the man named Daniel, said: "A boomer refused to swap seats on a flight this morning to let my gf and I sit together on the last day before we're apart for 2.5 months – because they wanted to look out the window.

"Strong generational metaphor areas, Shane."

Hundreds liked his post, but more than 200 people commented on it, sharing their thoughts on the situation.

One person branded him an "entitled brat" saying: "Did you stomp your feet like the spoiled, entitled brat you come across as????"

Another replied: "Your lack of planning is nobody else’s problem."

A third wrote: "Your petty complaint has no merit and naming him reflects very much on you, not the boomer."

"There are so many steps you could have taken prior to boarding to ensure you sat next to her if you felt it that important. You put yourself in that situation, not the boomer," added a fourth person.

Others pointed out that it was hard to fully judge the situation without knowing what the other passenger was thinking or going through at the time. 

After being met with the backlash, Daniel decided to create a poll to settle the argument once and for all.

He asked users to vote on whether or not it's acceptable to ask someone to swap seats with you on a plane.

The final results showed that 64 percent of those who took part thought it was a "reasonable request", while 36 percent said you'd be pushing your luck if you did this.

Do you think it's unreasonable to ask someone to swap seats with you on a plane? Let us know in the comments below.

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