Marvel Fans Can Now Find Tony Stark’s Endgame Cabin On Airbnb

Some eagle-eyed Marvel fans have discovered that the cabin the Stark family stay in during Avengers: Endgame is available on Airbnb.

It has been well over a month since Avengers: Endgame hit theaters and we are still not entirely over the rollercoaster ride Marvel took us on. The time that has passed also means we are comfortable discussing any and all spoilers now. Those of you who have still not seen the movie, and by some miracle have managed to avoid spoilers, you have been warned.

After the events of the first snap, Tony Stark hangs up the Iron Man armor and starts a family with Pepper Potts. The two MCU OGs have a daughter and live in a secluded cabin in the woods. That’s where Stark’s fellow surviving Avengers find him when they convince the tech whizz to join them in helping bring back the half of the universe Thanos wiped out.

The cabin is also the setting of Stark’s funeral at the end of the movie, after he has helped return those who disappeared five years prior. If you are a die-hard Marvel fan seeking an emotional pilgrimage, we may have something for you courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. The cabin the Starks called home during Endgame is available for people to stay in on Airbnb.

Initially, the owners of the cabin didn’t make a big deal about their property’s Hollywood status. It was only thanks to some fans on Reddit that the link was made. After the owners were asked if the Redditors’ suspicions were indeed true, they confirmed that it is the Endgame cabin and that they appear during the end credits of the movie.

The cabin’s owners are now making the most of its fame and have included information regarding its Endgame appearances on Airbnb. Part of the description now reads “Avengers Endgame fans… Would you like to stay in Tony Stark’s cabin? This is the iconic cabin in the movie!” Flaunting the link is clearly paying off. A stay at the cabin will currently set you back $800 a night. A price worth paying for hardcore MCU fans, especially if you can assemble five of your friends to split the cost with as it sleeps six.

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