Mum shares smart time-saving tip for families at Disney theme parks

A MUM of three has shared a time-saving tip for families heading to Disney theme parks while there are still Covid restrictions.

Holidaying in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has added an extra layer of stress for a lot of people going away.

But Jennifer Leigh's easy trick gives families 'one less thing to worry about' while racing round the park having fun.

Jennifer recently returned from a trip to Disney World, Florida with her kids, aged seven, 10 and 12.

All three kids needed face masks as Disney has a face covering rule for everyone aged six and over.

While they are mandatory in most places, face masks can be removed in some parts of the parks, such as outdoor selfie spots, as well as for eating and drinking.

This gives kids several opportunities to lose their mask.

Jennifer has advised any parents visiting a Disney park with their kids to attach a face mask to a lanyard and hang it around their child's neck.

Kids then have easy access to their face mask when they need it and don't have to faff around taking it out of a pocket or bag, saving time.

It is also a lot less likely to go missing.

Reflecting on her trip, Jennifer wrote on Facebook: "Things that helped: the lanyards for the masks.

"This might be a little detail but they helped a lot.

"Instead of having to put away the mask and get the mask out again the kids just wore them around their necks all day and it was one less thing to worry about."

Jennifer also advised parents to carry a portable phone charger, poncho and bottled water.

Last week, Disney announced that guests aged five and over on a US Disney Cruise Line must be vaccinated from January 13, 2022.

This is likely to cause problems for Brit families booked on Disney cruises in the US, as children under 12 in the UK are not currently eligible for a vaccine.

Recently, a woman whose job is to plan Disney holidays for people revealed some of the most common mistakes when visiting the parks.

They included the worst time to visit, the types of tickets people buy and the meals they opt for once inside the parks.

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