New £17million fairytale-themed hotel with enchanted forests opens its doors

If your kids can't get enough of story time then you may want to check out the brand new fairytale-themed hotel that's just opened its doors!

That's because the Gardaland Magic hotel really does look like something directly out of a storybook with its castle theme, wizard-inspired offerings and incredible themed rooms from enchanted forests to ice castles.

The 4-star €20million hotel (approx £17million) will be right by the Gardaland theme park itself, and it boasts some pretty incredible detail to fully immerse families in the magic.

We're talking everything from a large beanstalk to scrolls with magic symbols, as well as hundreds of flying books, over 30 shields, 60 swords, 30 wizard hats and 40 gigantic trees.

There's even a magic mirror where the castle's Great Wizard himself appears to share the castle's secrets with guests, as well as fun games and riddles for kids to enjoy.

Basically, it's sure to be a hit with families looking for a stay with a difference.

But what's pretty special about the hotel is that it offers 128 themed rooms (there are 475 rooms in total), all paying tribute to one of three magical settings; Enchanted Forest, Magic Crystal and Great Wizard.

For example, in the Enchanted Forest rooms you'll find giant trees towering over the double bed, climbing plants and lush green decor, log-shaped bedside tables and colourful giant mushrooms by single beds for the kids.

Meanwhile the 'Magic Crystal' rooms could have been plucked directly out of Elsa's Ice Palace in Frozen with their imposing stalactites, giant crowns and ice cave-like surroundings. (Keep an eye out for the unicorns and dragons to be found too!).

As for the Giant Wizard rooms, here little magicians can discovering wizarding secrets surrounded by mysterious ancient books and giant wizard hats.

For those feeling peckish, the Quercia Magica Coffee bar will offer plenty of food and drinks, as well as special events including an immersive experience where kids can go into the wizard's lab and discover his potions and spells.

The hotel has officially opened its doors to the public so if you are considering a stay, head to the Gardaland website to find out more.

Prices start from €280 for a family of four with breakfast, based on a one-night stay on a weekday in June.

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