New Harry Potter attraction based on the House of Slytherins is coming to London – The Sun

A NEW Slytherin attraction is coming to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios in London.

The experience, opening next year, will let fans learn more about the most cunning house at Hogwarts.

A Celebration of Slytherin will welcome guests to the Great Hall, decorated in Slytherin colours of green and silver to celebrate a win of the House Cup.

Included will be original banners from the film as well as a grand feast.

Not only that, but costumes and props will also be on show.

The attraction is launching at Warner Bros Studio Tour London on April 3 next year, running until September 6.

It is the first time a Slytherin attraction has been part of the Studio tour.

If you can't wait until then, the studio has a range of Christmas themed events.

One of the most popular events include a Christmas dinner at the Great Hall, although the £240 tickets are now sold out.

You can also experience Christmas in the Wizarding World, with a snowy Great Hall, a stage for the Yule Ball and snow throughout the castle.

Other all-year events include a live duel with Death Eaters while mastering the Dark Arts, as well as behind the scenes of costume and prop design.

The standard tour includes the sets of the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, Platform 9 and 3/4 and Diagon Alley.

The new Gringotts Wizarding Bank set also opened earlier this year.

Adult tickets for the Warner Bros Studio Tour London start from £47.

You can now stay in Harry Potter's childhood home for £110 a night at Godric's Hollow.

Hagrid's Hut is also available this year for just £1 thanks to an exciting competition.

This Christmas, there is a Hogwarts Express train advent calendar as well as A Harry Potter Lego advent calendar.

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