Private Island Off Cape Cod Opens to Public for the First Time in 300 Years

Just last week, while volunteers were hurriedly preparing the island trails in mid-July heat, a cool Atlantic fog suddenly rolled in, dropping temperatures dramatically, while shrouding scrubland pine.

“As we’ve been preparing the island for opening," Sipsom Trust President Tasia Blough told the Cape Cod Times, "I’ve been constantly amazed by the range of beauty we’re discovering. It’s like unlocking a secret garden! There are so many places to explore on the trail system and along the beaches.”

At present, the island trust holds all but a few acres. Negotiations are underway for the remaining land. Fundraising efforts continue.

Sipson's initial purchase sum of $4.8 million included $1.5 million in community preservation funds voted on by Orleans residents at a town council meeting in May. At the time, one local endorsing allocation, reflected, "I can't think of an open space purchase I look back on and regret. My only regrets were the ones that were not made."

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