Private jet attendant reveals Brit footballer was caught having sex on flight to London

JOINING the Mile High Club conjures up images of randy couples squeezing themselves into tiny plane toilets, as angry cabin crew bang on the door.

Unless you're a top footballer.

A flight attendant who has worked on private jets for several decades and goes by the name Lori, told The Daily Beast that she had a couple of run-ins with a well known British footballer.

On her first encounter with the sportsman, he asked if he could change his pants.

She said: "He got butt-ass naked right there in front of me."

On their second meeting, the star was with his wife and they boarded the jet to London after a night out in New York.

During the flight, Lori about to enter the footballer's cabin when she was stopped by a colleague, who told her: "They’re shagging in the back."

She told the website: "I don’t think that’s inappropriate personally, because they pay millions and millions of dollars. If I was them, and I was paying that amount of money, and I wanted to shag my husband, I would do it.”

The footballer, who Lori refused to name, isn't alone in his love of private jet antics.

In fact, from £300 you can board planes where sex is actively encouraged.

Two US airlines, Flamingo Air and Love Cloud, sell couples' flight packages in small, private planes, which can last between 40 minutes and an hour and a half.

They cost between £300 ($400) to £1,000 ($1,400) – and are mostly booked by women.

It's certainly sexier than a pack of peanuts and a tiny bottle of wine from the food trolley, and you don't need to worry about privacy either – since the pilots wear noise-cancelling headphones while you're up in the air.

The small planes come decked out with a comfortable bed, red satin sheets, sex-position pillows and a memory foam mattress for extra comfort.

Couples can choose from a menu that includes lobster and fish fillets and you can even expect a bottle of complimentary champagne to get you in the mood as you take off.

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