Ryanair to keep Cork Airport base closed until winter 2021

RYANAIR has confirmed that their Irish base will remain closed until at least winter 2021.

The airline made the decision to keep Cork Airport closed due to the planned work on its runway from September to November.

This would prevent flights in the early morning or late evenings, leading to the decision.

While Ryanair flights from Cork Airport will fly throughout summer 2021, it will use aircraft based at other airports instead.

The Ryanair base was forced to close last winter as well due to Covid.

They warned that if the travel restrictions were not lifted, then the Cork and Shannon bases would not reopen until April 2021.

Ryanair has repeatedly slammed the travel restrictions – a spokesperson told local media: "The counties with the highest rate of Covid cases have been consistently been the border counties, not the counties of Cork, Dublin and Clare, where our main international airports are."

"NPHET's policy of targeting our airports while failing to restrict "international travel" across the border with Northern Ireland have done untold damage to Irish air travel and tourism industries."

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary previously said that Brits will be returning to Europe by the summer.

He explained on BBC's Today programme he expects a "strong recovery of beach holidays and family holidays going to Europe this summer".

He said, once the vaccination reduces the number of coronavirus-related deaths: "We expect to see a very strong return of British families travelling to the beaches of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece in relative safety this summer thanks to the vaccine programme."

Mr O'Leary added: "I think [there will be a] strong return to travel and normality for the travel sector by the end of 2021."

Here is how to get a refund if you have a Ryanair flight.

Martin Lewis has warned Brits booking trips abroad this summer to check the small print or risk losing the cash if the trip is cancelled.

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