Seven secrets to savvy packing before you head off on your holidays

HOPES of jetting off on holiday have been raised this month, with more countries added to the green and amber lists.

Here, Abby McHale aims to make your trip stress-free with tips on how to pack it.

1.Tuck and roll clothes

ITEMS like sarongs and dresses are vulnerable to creasing, but rolling them up and tucking them in tightly is the way to beat wrinkling.

Or follow tidying guru Marie Kondo’s advice and pack all of your clothes upright, rather than in a pile, so that you can see all of the outfits in your case.

2. Keep hats in shape

WHAT’S a holiday without a hat? If you need to put yours in a suitcase, make sure it’s one of the first things you pack, and stuff it!

A swimsuit works well as the cossie will keep its shape no matter what you pack it in. Then place small items such as underwear around it.

3. Stuff sandals to keep shape

YOU don’t want your sandals to be bent out of shape while en route, so stuff them with a small item such as a pair of socks.

That way they will also take up less room in your suitcase. You can also slot the ends of your sandals together to help preserve their shape even more.

4. The rule off three fold

THE rule of three is an effective way to keep smaller items such as T-shirts folded nice and tightly.

Think of your T-shirt split into three equal parts down the middle. Fold each side into the centre, fold in half and then again until your item is small and compact.

5. Tie belts around shorts

IF you have a pair of shorts or trousers that have a tie, use it to your advantage. Remove it from the belt loops and once your item is rolled, wrap the tie around as many times as needed before tucking ends in.

It will stop clothing unrolling and has the extra benefit of keeping the tie crease-free.

6. Fold up bag and add trinkets

FOLD your bag in half before placing it flat at the bottom of the suitcase. Then add your larger, rolled items on top of the bag. It will stay as flat as possible and so avoid becoming misshapen.

Add smaller items such as jewellery inside your rolled clothes to keep them safe.

7. Sunglasses protection

IF your sunglasses don’t come with a protective case, then they need to be protected from being damaged during the journey, it’s horribly easy to scratch the lenses.

A soft sarong, which is all one fabric, is perfect for this. Pop your sunnies in, roll to the end, and pack it up.

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