Singapore's Airport Transformed Its A380 Jumbo Jet Into a Pop-Up Restaurant

With international travel pretty much impossible right now, many airlines have tried to come up with ideas to get passengers back onto their planes. In Australia, Qantas offered a “flight to nowhere” that gave those with wanderlust a chance to just fly on a plane around the country for seven hours before landing at the same airport, and in Japan, Fuji Dreams Airline offered passengers a chance to fly over Mount Fuji  — which has been closed to visitors since this summer — before also landing back in the same airport. Now, Singapore‘s Changi Airport has found an even more creative way to get people back onto its planes: by turning two A380 jumbo jets into pop-up restaurants.

Run by Singapore Airlines, the company is inviting guests to board two of its massive planes to enjoy an on-flight meal in the comfort of their cabins. Like usual flights, you’ll be able to choose between different classes, with First Class offering a full five-course meal including a cheese and fruit course. The program was so popular that all of the tickets for the two-day opening were sold out within 30 minutes, so the airline had to add more dates onto its schedule. For those more adventurous, you can also be rewarded KrisShop discounts, a limited edition goodie bag, and additional gifts if you rock up in traditional heritage wear.

For those in the Lion City, the next openings for the A380 pop-up restaurant at Singapore’s Changi Airport will be on October 31 and November 1.

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