Summer 2019’s biggest travel headaches: 737 Max groundings, disappearing discount carriers

Flying in the height of summer travel season is often a headache in and of itself, but 2019 has brought travel problems with the potential to develop into full-blown migraines.

My picks for this summer’s biggest air travel pain points:

1. 737 MAX aircraft grounding

Sometimes it feels as if this situation will drag on forever. Just a few days ago, American Airlines announced it is extending its 737 MAX 8 aircraft cancelations until Sept. 3, which pretty much takes us through the entire summer since Labor Day is Sept. 2. Bottom line: American will cancel about 115 flights per day.

Why you may not be immune: If you think you’ll escape this mess because you aren’t scheduled to fly on a 737 Max jet, guess again. Your flight could still be canceled as the airline juggles planes to meet their stated goal to “minimize the impact to the smallest number of customers.”

How to cope: If your flight is canceled, the airline will contact you and offer alternative flights at different times or perhaps even different days; if this doesn’t work, American will give you a full refund.

Flying Southwest or American this summer?  Check reservations for new Max 8 cancellations

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