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A TRAVEL expert has revealed the five items travellers should never pack in their checked luggage.

While many holidaymakers will try and make the most of their checked baggage allowance, there are several items travellers should pack in their carry-on to avoid baggage misery.

In a video on Instagram, Nicky Kelvin, from The Points Guy UKexplained which items he'd avoid stowing in his suitcase.

He said: "Here are five things you should never pack in a checked bag regardless of how short your flight is."


Nicky said: "Number one prescription medication, it's not always easy to refill prescriptions should your bag get lost.

"You may be able to get a doctor to call in a new prescription to a local pharmacy, but that becomes trickier if it's a weekend, or a holiday, or if your medication doesn't allow for refills before the previous subscription runs out."

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Electronic devices

Nicky would also keep electronic devices close to his person.

He said: "Many airport workers and travellers will have access to your bags once you check them and while most are trustworthy, not everyone is.

"Every time you pack a tablet, computer, video game device or other electronics in a checked bag, you risk having them stolen."


The travel expert gave the same advice for any valuables too.

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"The same goes for valuables such as jewellery and cash or even items with significant personal value.

"It would be a financial and potentially emotional loss should those items go missing."

Daily necessities

Holidaymakers should also have their daily necessities in their hand luggage.

Nicky said: "Think of the items you need to make it through the day and put those in your carry-on as well.

"Ideally a change of clothes, toiletries, glasses or contact lenses if you use that."

Hard-to-find items

Finally, Nicky recommended keeping hard-to-find items close by too.

He said: "If you can't quickly and easily purchase an item at your destination, don't pack it in your checked bag.

"Travellers with dietary restrictions should avoid checking their special vegan and gluten-free snacks."

His advice also extended to plug adaptors, high-quality sun cream and other things that might be hard to find in remote locations.

In the comments, users were quick to add their own packing tips and tricks.

One person wrote: "I make sure I have at least two changes of clothes, swimwear and underwear in my hand luggage in case my checked luggage goes missing."

Another added: "House and car keys! I’ve seen people lose their bag with car keys in, so they couldn’t even drive home!"

While a third wrote: "Fresh food – if your bag gets lost on the way, it will be a smelly surprise."

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