The Queen’s Gallery is being transformed into a Leonard da Vinci inspired escape room at Buckingham Palace – The Sun

ESCAPE room fans can now test their skills at Buckingham Palace thanks to a new Leonardo da Vinci themed challenge.

For £150, teams of up to eight people can attempt to break out of the The Queen's Gallery.

The escape room has been launched this year alongside an exhibition of da Vinci's works which commemorates the 500th anniversary of the artist's death.

Called "Leonardo Artmergency!", the team behind the it have kept the contents of the experience secret to allow everyone trying it out to find out what happens on the day.

Teams don't need to have any knowledge of the man or his work to be able to do the room.

The challenge explains: "Think like a Renaissance genius to unlock the mysteries in Leonardo’s drawings.

"You will need careful observation and detective work to beat the clock.

"The Queen’s Gallery will be transformed into four rooms of thematic puzzles and riddles as you solve the mystery of the missing curator."

According to the Telegraph, players will not be locked in but will be given props with padlocked chests in each room to try and unlock, with tasks including mirror writing and guessing drawing materials.

Matthew Morgan, adult learning producer for the Royal Collection Trust behind the experience, told the newspaper: "You can spend an hour, have a great time, and come out thinking 'oh I never knew that about Leonardo'.

"It’s a different way into thinking about a fantastic artist."

Costing from £18.75 per person, the experience is on offer every Friday and Saturday until October 5.

The money from the tickets goes to the Royal Collection Trust charity, which helps to preserve artwork within the Royal Collection.

There are some other great escape rooms to try across the UK as well.

Virgin Experience offer a £90-for-two deal which includes a meal and a drink after escaping, while Activity Superstore allow you to escape the Old Crown Court Prison Cells for just £59.

Otherwise the popular Crystal Maze has recently moved to Piccadilly Circus, with new challenges and puzzles to try.

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